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the true life & times of a teenage axe murderer.

about valzieee

basic to knows:

the name is valerie! i’m 17, and so very close to being 18 i can taste the freedom of it on the very tip of the muscle that is my tongue.

i am currently stuck living in florida, but on november 23rd, when i become a legal adult, i’m going back to dayton ohio; my real home.

i am a lover of my own gender. females are amazing, as to males who are for sure not. but on occasion i slip up and let one of those awful creatures into my heart, so i guess that makes me a genderqueer? a bisexual? something like that?

i’m in the process of getting my GED so i can go to college so one day i can create my own record label. (: aaaannnnd become a pastry chef on the side.

all in all i’m a pretty awesome person, and i love to love people. and i love it when they love me back! i’m a love whore, what can I say?

other things to know about valerie:

1. i love being happy. (: no, not in the ungodly annoying 13 year old fan girl way. i just enjoy being in amazing moods and i absolutely hate it when people try and bring me down.

2. music is, and will always be, my life. my love. and my one and only.

3. i’m a pot head, which probably explains why i’m always so goofy. (:

4. i like love, like i said, so show me some and i’ll show you a whole lot more!

5. i get excited over the littlest things.

6. i’m extremely insecure, but i’m learning to get over it.

7. & having only 2 tattoos, i can already tell you i’m addicted.<3